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If History Repeats Itself, the 2020s Will Be a Great Decade

~ written by Cody Collins The 1920s, 50s and 90s; what do these three decades have in common? They were all periods of prosperity in the U.S. that came after a major global downfall. Can we throw 2020 in there too? With the events that have unfolded from COVID-19, and the world coming to a halt, it seems like life will never be normal. But in time, life will go back to “normal,” even if it is a new normal. In “recent” history there have been several examples of crises affecting most of the world. And COVID-19 is no different. But in those instances of crisis, prosperity followed, especially for the U.S. Take a deep breath, if history repeats itself , everything will be alright. The 1920s: Pandemic, Great Depression And War Everyone knows of the Roaring Twenties. The 1920s were filled with glitter and extravagance. The turmoil before this prosperity was two-fold though. Many hoped WWI would be the war to end all wars. That is how devastating and involved it was compared to wars past.

What I do think of the BLM protests as someone outside of the US

  I would like to give an opinion from one mildly affected by this issue mostly and from the perspective of what the experience seems to be from the blacks looking from outside the hot zone. I am a Nigerian, a black man of 23 and in my country, there's of course no racism since we are all of the same color. First of all, I will start with my country and the African bias in Africa  by Africans The opposite seems to be the case in some sense. For people who are in corporate industries, you'd see that those who study in the white man's country have advantages in employment in the workplace. It's common for the government to overlook their own people to give huge contracts to foreign companies and people even if we have the same level of expertise in the country. So I would say we are faced with a different type of racism or prejudice. Sometimes I wonder if the colonial era in the country twisted our minds so much that we can't seem to just appreciate our own. I'm s

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