If History Repeats Itself, the 2020s Will Be a Great Decade

~ written by Cody Collins The 1920s, 50s and 90s; what do these three decades have in common? They were all periods of prosperity in the U.S. that came after a major global downfall. Can we throw 2020 in there too? With the events that have unfolded from COVID-19, and the world coming to a halt, it seems like life will never be normal. But in time, life will go back to “normal,” even if it is a new normal. In “recent” history there have been several examples of crises affecting most of the world. And COVID-19 is no different. But in those instances of crisis, prosperity followed, especially for the U.S. Take a deep breath, if history repeats itself , everything will be alright. The 1920s: Pandemic, Great Depression And War Everyone knows of the Roaring Twenties. The 1920s were filled with glitter and extravagance. The turmoil before this prosperity was two-fold though. Many hoped WWI would be the war to end all wars. That is how devastating and involved it was compared to wars past.

Running & Jogging | What's the deal?

Hey guys, been a while. So I want to talk about my experience Jogging. I'm sure you've seen or had people around you who do mild or regular jogging, maybe on weekends; or better still you do it yourself. Well, I was like most of you who kept admiring these brave guys who made the decision to wake up every morning and put in time in doing what looks like a punishment rather than an enjoyable exercise routine. Here's how I started and made my own decision.

It started with a look at one of my shoes which looked so cool and sporty but unfortunately had some part of it peeling out.

 Then I remembered I was beginning to add a little extra fat on my tummy; not to mention that I hardly went out of the house due to the pandemic which warranted a little bit of activity. 

And so, the decision was made. I was going to begin a Jogging routine. I repaired my shoe and then chose my best sporty clothes that fit well with me and went out the next day.

Experience: I decided to go round my estate, 3 corners out of 4, and back to my start point. I tried out some warm-ups but I didn't know what I was doing so I just started running. The goal was five laps. But on my third lap, I knew it was better I stop cause my heart was tugging at me and my legs experiencing pain.

And that's how I became a Jogging Beginner. 

Jogging VS Running, what's the difference? 

Personally, I don't think it's much of a big deal. Jogging is a slow form of running, running at a slower pace. Running itself requires much more intensity. 

You have a set distance and a goal, you run at a faster pace and often times your limit, so as to beat a time or fit in a particular duration.

Another thing is, runners often get offended when you call them joggers; cause to them they are fully invested in something more, in training, to become better at it, beat a record, hit a particular goal....whereas joggers do it just routinely and in a leisurely manner to keep fit. 

On the other hand, if you call a jogger a runner, they feel flattered cause it makes them look goal-oriented. 

In summary for me, being a runner or jogger depends on two things- pace and passion. When your running is more goal-oriented to become better and is more like a lifestyle for you....feel free to term yourself a runner. If you do it to keep fit and stay healthy, then you can say you're probably more of a jogger. That's how I see it personally.

What you stand to gain (Health Benefits) 

Now when I started, I didn't know how jogging really helped, I just knew it looked good on me and it helped keep me fit. So I looked it up and here's what I found out.

1. It builds the Immune System

Jogging helps boost the production of white blood cells in the body and builds us immunity. Regular Jogging keeps our body active and able to fight off diseases. It's known to stimulate the production of lymphocytes and macrophages that combat and fight off infections in the body. 

2. Boosts the Respiratory System 

One obvious one is that it boosts our respiratory system since it's an aerobic workout - one that involves intense breathing. It does this by strengthening the muscles in the lungs, which helps us take in more oxygen and remove carbon dioxide effectively. Hypothetically thinking, this could solve snoring.

3. Jogging helps in weight loss

Jogging boosts metabolism and is more effective than merely walking or trekking. 

"I remember when I was in school, we always joked around that in Uniport, all you needed to do to lose weight is walk to class. We moved around a lot so it seemed like we were always doing constant exercise. But it turned we were partly wrong. On the other hand, it could make us stressed and eat more = Bad"

A healthy diet along with regular Jogging will melt the extra fat that you've always wanted to shed. 

A half-hour jog easily burns around 300 calories. Another thing is, jogging does not only burn fat, but it also helps maintain your weight. So when you get that perfect body size, do not stop your routine; it's beneficial too to keep at it.

4. It has Anti-aging Benefits 

Who knew? Well, what did you expect... comparing an always fit individual doing exercise to a lazy bum sleeping on the couch. Picture it, if you had to guess, who would live longer naturally? Of course the exercise guy... cause the body is being maintained regularly.

OK, not getting ahead of myself, the scientific reason would be that jogging ensures that the skin receives more oxygen and blood. Now you know 😊

5. Improves Bone Strength 

Another advantage is that it maintains bone health. When you start jogging at first, the bones experience some amount of stress and load(like all exercise do). I sure experienced that when I started and I'm still experiencing it by the way, but it gets better.

   Jogging prepares the bones to bear this additional stress which it starts to endure on a regular basis, further strengthening the bones and helping to prevent bone trauma and injuries. 

    With a stronger bone and improved bone thickness, it wards off problems like arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, and other problems we get from time to time as we get older.

Again, it makes the bones of the hip and spine stronger. I'm not the one that's going to tell you how that helps....but for a guess, picture your sex life πŸ˜‰

6. Keeps your mind healthy

Away with the mental stress alright. Jogging plays a major role in improving your mental health. 

Research shows that when you jog, your body releases endorphins, a hormone that helps lift up your spirit and make you feel positive about yourself. You feel calm and uplifted after a good jog and it's a great way to manage stress. 

7. Great for you Heart ♥ 

Jogging is a cardiovascular workout, meaning it is great for your heart. And it ensures blood is pumped faster to the heart and thus maintain blood pressure. With regular Jogging, heart diseases are also kept in control.

This is a lot of benefits and more than enough reasons to give Jogging a real shot. If you're considering this, I'm ahead of you and ready to give you heads up on tips and what you'd need.

See your doctor for a check-up

Just to be safe, if you have a pre-existing medical condition or are above 40, its best to get advice from your doctor concerning engaging physical activity. 

Buy or use an appropriate pair of shoes

The type of shoe you use can greatly affect your jogging experience. A sporty shoe or sneaker with a comfy feel and a solid sole will do.

Make sure you warm-up

This helps you get into the rhythm and avoid unwarranted cramps, pains, and injuries. Do some stretching and jumping.... just small stuff.

Plan your route

   Make sure you know where you're going, how far you're going, and if possible choose flat grassy areas. Also, avoid running along main roads to avoid breathing in exhaust fumes and pollution from other motor vehicles.

• Schedule your runs for early mornings or evenings

   This helps avoid the busy activities and distraction as well as exhaustion fumes in the busy hours of the day. Also, it makes it easier as the heat and sunlight rays on your skin are on the low, and also the humidity at those times helps your body cool down.

• Start with brisk walking

    It's good to remember to pace yourself. Your aim should be 30 minutes per session but starting out, you probably wouldn't get there immediately. You can allow a minimum of six weeks to build up to your regular running. Also, allow at least two complete rest days each week to avoid injury.

Tips and safety suggestions for an enjoyable run

 Do no eat directly before going for a run.
• Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your run.
• If you're using a headset along, try to stay alert and do not have the music too loud.
• Tell someone where you plan to run and when you think you'd be back.
• Avoid running in the hottest part of the day
• Avoid running in a dangerous and isolated area.
• Take your mobile phone with you for emergencies.
• If you get injured while running, stop and go back seek medical help.

And so that's it. If you decided to start a running routine, congrats! If you are an avid runner or an admirer of the sport, you can chip in your own suggestions and experiences about running. 

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  1. Yes... This period has made a lot of people put on unnecessary weight. I tried jogging once with a friend. It was revitalizing but I've been too busy to make it routine. I think I'll pick it up again once I have the right pair of shoes... Thank you for this post C.

  2. Yeah you're welcome. It's true consistency is an issue,even for me. Sometimes I skip days and get overwhelmed with other stuff I forget.
    But we just gotta remember the benefits and then try to put in some commitment to it as much as we can.

  3. Wait a minute - "this could solve snoring"? Really?! Fact check: My son is an avid jogger, and an avid snorer!

    Also: "Schedule your runs for early mornings or evenings" - in my neck of the woods, this means the mosquitoes are also out and about in full force. - - Does that mean, you advise me to outrun those nasty buggers? See my post about the pesky Mosquito: https://www.the-pgl.com/2020/06/understand-your-enemy-mosquito.html


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